Version Info

End User License Agreement:
_license/eula.html (relative to the main product folder)


Software Requirements:
1. FTP or other type of file access to the public web location
2. PHP scripting on web server (global variables enabled, file uploads enabled - default on most servers)
3. MySQL dabase, user/password

Unzip the files. Copy all files from "dap" folder to your public web location.You should be able to access versions.html in your web browser ( If your domain is not ready please wait until it is because the install is web based.

2 Cases:

A. Full install
You purchased the Dating Agent Pro package and you are installing it for the first time.

Step 1. Setting up the PhpBB forum integration:

Install phpbb in a folder comm/ and overwrite login.php with the file available in webmaster/phpbb/
You can download this free forum from the internet or use the version in webmaster/ with the file already replaced (see webmaster/ for details on installing this message board).

Important Note: please use the same mysql database for both scripts (dating agent and phpbb) for the integration to be possible.

Step 2. Setting up the Dating Agent script:

B. Upgrading
Use this if you already have an older version of Dating Agent / Dating Agent PRO installed:

You can now delete the webmaster/install.php script (to prevent database reset).
Also you can remove product.php and casestudy.php files (script presentation).



Admin Login doesn't work

If you can't login into the admin area check that you are using the password from settings.php ($website["password"] - default is 123). Also check register globals variable to be set on in php settings : register_globals must be on.


The system uses the standart php mail() function so any problems related to emails are caused by the server configuration.
Contact your server administrator to solve this problems.

Be sure you set the 'Admin register sender address' to your email addres when editing webmaster settings.

If the mail functions works but you get strange warnings like "Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 552 No recipients identified for message in...", and you can't change the server configuration, you can just supress the warnings with:
"error_reporting (E_ERROR | E_PARSE);" added to the begining of that php script's code.

Database Setup
You must have the database, username already created and the user must have rights for that database to create/alter tables and insert data. Also check your mysql version. Try running the sql queries from webmaster/sql/ in phpmyadmin (free mysql tool downloadable from the internet) to see if there are any configuration problems with your server.

If uploaded pictures are not displayed check the pictures folder to be write enabled.

Webmaster Demo Mode
Enable full webmaster editing mode in settings.php:

Many files required for customizations come unencoded to make your work easier.

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